Introduction: All about me and my spiritual path

“I am that I am. I am all I am. I am a limitless being. So are you.” -Haileigh O’Brien

My name is Haileigh O’Brien and I am a student of many different types of spiritual and metaphysical knowledge. I have been working with Spirit my entire life but I started on my path of learning about different spiritual practices 6 years ago and I incorporate what resonates with me from teachings world wide into my own spiritual practice. I still have much more to learn and explore but I have picked up enough along the way to be able to share my knowledge with others.

I am a certified crystal healer and a level 2 Reiki practitioner. I work with angels, spirit guides, ascended masters, gods and goddesses from many different pantheons, elementals, nature spirits, and more. When I’m asked to label my path I call it “eclectic spiritualism” there’s no other label that I’ve found that really suits my path. I study Hinduism, Celtic and Druid tradtions, as well as Shamanic and Native American¬†practices, ancient Christianity, the paths of light associated with Wicca and witchcraft, as well as more “new age” teachings of sacred geometry, angels, crystals, energy healing and much much more. I study all of these things because I want to help others. We are all connected and there’s much suffering going on in the world now as we transition into a higher way of being.

We all deserve to be happy and to have the knowledge to heal ourselves and to help others. We all deserve happiness, abundance, joy, beauty, and good health. I learn what I learn so that I can help others as much as I’m allowed to out of problems, spiritual blocks, turmoil, and times of painful transitions and into times of healing, happiness, joy, abundance, beauty, and bliss. I know turmoil. I fight it everyday. It’s a fight, it’s a choice to suffer. I am a survivor of child loss. With the loss of my sweet daughter at 18 days old in January of this year- 2016, I have realized how truly important it is for us as a whole to vibrate higher, to have the knowledge to heal ourselves, to have the courage to ask others like spiritual beings, God, the Divine, etc and humans- people for help when we need it. Many people suffer in silence and don’t realize they have the ability and the choice to heal in radiance.

When I entered my spirit’s path and allowed myself to align with it I found joy and more than a million reasons to live. I have suffered the choice of inner turmoil on and off since before my spiritual practice began. The loss of my daughter has brought an even deeper pain that pushes me to reach out and to help others heal. I learn and teach and share my path with others in hopes that maybe I can help lessen their suffering, pain, and feelings of depression and disconnect from the world around them. As I help others, I am able to help myself more than I could alone.

In this blog I wish to share my knowledge, share information on crystals and gems that have helped me, teach manifestation techniques, herbal and other correspondences to use in rituals, DIY spiritual projects and crafting, importance of intention, and on ways to help ourselves with our own healing processes and much much more. I wish to help others on their journeys as I snapshot and share bits of mine.

I offer guidance readings, card readings and channelings. I also offer ritual tools and spiritual items in my etsy shop. I love creating custom orders. It’s still new, but its growing. Please find me on Facebook. My page name is Mystic Wisdom Boutique and my Etsy shop is Mystic Wisdom Within. Please contact me with any questions or request.

Much love, yours truly,